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10 de Octubre, 2012 · classic dresses

Down jacket for fashion plus

Thin shape, the details of the cool colors of the avant-garde fashion design moncler will be a new face on March 26 at the 20th China International Clothing & Accessories Fair (CHIC2012), the first three open 2012 would like to take this opportunity to once again become the focus of the industry appeared in a series of new products,

The moncler2012 launch of new down jacket style City "England countryside" vibrant campus three series, respectively, to meet the urban qingshunv, fresh girls and youthful image and style of the students who, highlighting the young "new fashion", continues to lead the 2012 Down fashion.

Rapidly in recent years, "fashion whirlwind momentum down apparel industry quickly" popular "the moncler outlet,coming on this open the 2012 brand full speed ahead stage.

As a the down jacket leader in Bosideng brand, moncler has a unique advantage. Young, fashion, "said a moncler down firmly to lock the 18 to 35-year-old fast-paced, love of freedom, love play cool young people, the fashion, the trend of the elements of the product lightweight slim design integration, creating a fashion down jacket precedent consecutive years ranked first in the youth fashion down jacket brand positioning.

2011, moncler ample supply of strong resource full speed ahead: new products, new style, a new image of the spokesperson, the image of the new terminal, a new brand slogan and successfully open the seasons of the road.

Yang Mi, teen idols is called "popular the Queen" frequently refresh ratings record signing equally frequently refresh the sales record of moncler down, to become the new spokesman for the image. Yang Mi to the identity of the "cross-border" fashion designer, design moncler "power models fashion down jacket, is to become a sales star models, sought after by the trend of fans, has repeatedly sold out of stock.

Adhering to the youth, fashion, trend, vitality "style positioning, the update terminal brand image moncler2011 years, a storefront style and avant-garde fashion, walking down the street will be able to see at a glance, came in giving a fresh feel." Entered the store consumers have commented.

Wang Daocheng, general manager of the Shanghai clothing company, said: "'new fashion I advocate', the brand slogan of the new season, reflecting a moncler new changes speak fashion products speak not only grasp the popular trend, more than the trend leading half step, down jacket made 'tide loading', the 2011-2012 new changes. "

A few days ago, is participating in the national "two sessions" of the Eleventh National People's Congress, the Bosideng Group Chairman Gao Dekang said: "the Bosideng Group's strategic planning: diversification, Four Seasons, internationalization, cheap moncler jackets diversified, Four Seasons. vanguard, the company will do the key projects to promote moncler full speed ahead. "

Currently, moncler has more than 60 agents and more than 2,500 stores in more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide this year, will continue to expand the terminal sales market, fashion down jacket approached more consumers. CHIC2012 is also moncler a good opportunity to expand their market.

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